Thursday, July 5, 2012


Dreams of yester years
Haunt me when awake
They blind my eyes
Shackle my feet
I walk
Without seeing
Dragging my feet
On the ground
Like the dreams
What really happened?
Why did it happen?
Why am I here?

 Only sleep brings comfort
I dream other dreams
See other things
Feel other feelings
Is it about fate?
Pluck these eyes
And let me
Like ill fated Oedipus
To walk blindly
To the END.

Karani Kelvin.


  1. Like Oedipus indeed! Reminds me of that poem 'what happens to a dream deferred?'

  2. Sure...A Dream Differed by Langston Hughes is particularly good. Those of us who haven't read it can just google it.


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