Friday, July 13, 2012

The beast

We heard screams from our neighbor
Screams of panic, screams of fear
That so hurriedly
Dragged us from our homes

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I Met a Girl In Kibera

I met this girl in Kibera
Tall, dark, lean, dark eyes and long hair
Elsewhere, she could have been a model
Strutting before hungry cameras and eyes
Making a living by being who she is

I sing not Kibera

I sing not this infamous slum
That is constantly topical
For crime, poverty, calamities
That characterise daily routine.  

Friday, July 6, 2012

When all is said and done

When all is said and done,
More will be left said than done
And we will forget them altogether
For we do not live on promises of the past

I wish I was born earlier

I wish I was born earlier,
When people were still savages
And there was no wave of civilisation.
When men were manly,
And women valued their chastity,
As they value prostitution now.

One night

She came at night
And left before light
She had me ignite
To the sweetness infinite

My little prayer

Make me your love Lord
To always write without load,
Although so much bored
With this work of word
Always give me strength aboard
To write and write and write
Whatever that you approve right

Eric Lungai

Thursday, July 5, 2012


My mind is spinning
Like the earth, rotating
But without an axis
It is revolving
But it has no orbit
Nothing makes sense
Not even sense itself!

Karani Kelvin. 


Dreams of yester years
Haunt me when awake
They blind my eyes
Shackle my feet
I walk
Without seeing
Dragging my feet
On the ground
Like the dreams
What really happened?
Why did it happen?
Why am I here?

You will never walk alone

We hear your cries brother
Do not let go for we are coming
These captors’ cells contain us no more
We have broken free! We are free again!
Your groans have reached us
Like the sting of a bee they pierce our hearts
Hold on! Calvary is coming for you
Hold on! Our arrows are being sharpened
Hold on! Sacrifices are being offered
Hold on brother! We cannot carry a corpse
To our people; what would they think?
Guard that life well, strengthen your heart!
Let not the kicks and blows of the enemy
Grind you like millet by the grinding stone
Fight for life! Fight! Fight! Fight!
Fight for you are not walking alone!

Karani Kelvin

Letter to Atapara

I have not forgotten you, Atapara
Land of my ancestors
Beautiful place of my birth
Your fresh air, singing birds, sleeping boulders
Is the memory I always carry